Fiscal Representation

ForvisionlFritom can represent you for tax purposes. Transit or customs storage is used more often to suspend your import duties / VAT. ForvisionlFritom can advise you and implement these arrangements for you.

For companies outside the EU, we can also take over fiscal tasks and take care of them for them. When importing goods from outside the EU, every company must pay VAT, this is only possible if you as an importer have a Dutch VAT number. We can take care of this administration for you. Forvision|Fritom acts as General Tax Representative. The Dutch tax authorities grant us an art. 23 license to reverse charge VAT on imports to non-Dutch companies. We hereby represent your company in The Netherlands and are responsible for all transactions and a correct VAT payment. As a result, you do not have to have an office in The Netherlands yourself.

The Netherlands offers international companies favorable tax schemes in order to motivate them to do business from The Netherlands. Please contact us and we will tell you what the benefits are for your company in The Netherlands.

  • Full VAT administration
  • Declaration & obligations.
  • Both as a Limited Fiscal Representative or as a General Fiscal Representative.
  • No burden on cash flow by shifting VAT on import.
  • Forvision|Fritom has all required permits & permissions.