Transport to, from and within China

Once you found your way to China and are accustomed to how business is done over there, your business is ready to take off. Especially if you have a business partner that knows how to transport to, from and within China. Whether its sea freight, air freight or rail freight transport, our knowledge and expertise will get your business where it needs to be. We know our way around the logistic organization of this enormous country and understand its opportunities.

Sea freight to and from China

To succeed in business in China you need a good relationship with your Chinese producers or customers. Your logistics however are also an essential part for your road to success. Therefore, it is good to know that all parts of your logistic process, from transport to documentation to customs, are taken care of by experts who know how to connect the outback of China with the harbors of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Changzhou, Ningbo-Zhoushan and Xiamen. Experts who also know their way to the less known, smaller harbors of China. As your logistic partner we will make sure your logistics to, from and in China will run smoothly - without unnecessary delays. Whether we’re talking LCL- or FCL-freight.

Rail freight transport to, from and within China

Ever considered transport by rail? It is faster than sea freight and much cheaper than air freight. The rail network also known as the New Silk Route can be of great service to you - even for transport within China. It’s a great alternative to move cargo from your production location to one of China’s main harbors. Let us know what logistic challenge you are facing. We look forward to finding out the possibilities for your specific routes.

Air freight to and from China

Quick and calculable, those are the two main advantages of air freight. Which can be of great importance for your logistics to, from or within China. When we take care of your air freight you can rely on adequate supply, transit, loading and unloading. Accompanied by up-to-date communication, documentation and customs clearance. We’ll take care of everything to do with your air freight to and from China.

Thinking alongside with you

Whether you’re looking for air freight, sea freight, rail transport or a combination of those, when it comes to transport to, from and within China you can rely on us. In need of information about your shipment when it’s on route? Our real-time systems provide 24/7 info.

Prefer direct contact regarding your shipment? We are just a phone call away to give you the latest info around your shipment, including an overview. We believe personal contact with clients is a core value in business. We see our clients as business partners, which allows us to think alongside you. This will provide you with the best logistic solution for your business