South America

Transport to, from, and within South America

There is no one way of doing business in South America. Each South American country has its own challenges. Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia have a completely different culture, economy and back country than Argentina or Chile, for example. It is up to you to find the right business partners, and up to us to be your logistic service partner. Gladly even.

Sea freight to or from South America

Logistics is a profession. Certainly when it comes to less regular destinations in South America, such as Brazil, Uruguay or Venezuela. That is why it is nice to leave the organization of your transport to experts. Our specialists know the routes for your sea and air freight, take care of the transit, are always up to date with the current regulations and take care of the customs formalities. LCL or FCL sea freight, national transport, air cargo, it's all possible. How do we do this? We will spare you the details and take care of it. And of course we will keep you up to date with the planning - that is what we are partners for. Simply contact us and we will tell you all about it.

Air freight to, from or within South America

Speed is the most significant strength of air freight. On the other hand, the costs are relatively high and not every cargo is suitable. Sometimes a combination of air freight and sea freight is the solution, for instance when your goods come from the rainforest or from mountainous areas. Especially in a continent like South America, it is nice to have a logistics partner who practically connects all options, is prepared with the right accompanying documents and takes care of professional customs clearance. We will gladly be that partner for you.

Complete service package

Thinking alongside you, that's what we do. Because your transportation is always tied in with your business operations and your clients. This connection is always in our sights. In order to guarantee progress in your business operations, we offer a total package of additional services. We will gladly discuss with you what these might be. Your company and your customers are unique, and we adapt our services to them. That is why we believe that getting to know you is the first step. Then we will discuss the logistic possibilities and the competitive rates that go with it.