01 February 2023

As part of a family business, Forvision|Fritom is a committed partner. With everything we do, you come first! This is how working with us becomes real people work and how we like to see it! Would you like to find out what we can do for you?

01 February 2023

Would you like to meet FORVISION|FRITOM and learn more about Worldwide Seafreight? Then take a moment to watch our video!

01 February 2023

For many years, we have been a partner of the WPA network. WPA stands for Worldwide Partners Alliance (WPA). WPA is an independent and professional worldwide network of prominent transport and logistics service providers specialising in both air and sea freight forwarding and niche/specialised market services.

20 January 2023

Do you want to import or export goods via sea or air freight, but you don't want to worry? Then we are happy to take this off your hands! The benefits of working with FORVISION|FRITOM:

06 December 2022

New Year New Chances! Forvision|Fritom wishes you a successful, happy and healthy 2023!

06 December 2022

On behalf of Forvision|Fritom, we wish all our relations & partners happy holidays

06 December 2022

Together with our carefully selected global partners, we can guarantee comprehensive expertise, quality and cost efficiency for all your air freight shipments. We track your shipment 24/7 from start to finish. So we can always keep you informed about the status of your shipment. Looking for a reliable partner for your air freight? Contact one of our air freight specialists and get customized advice.

06 December 2022

During the corona crisis, container shipping rates rose to unprecedented levels. Currently, rates are in free fall again. There are regions where rates have now returned to pre-corona rates. We would be happy to take a look at the current rates with you!

25 October 2022

Forvision|Fritom is happy to take over the entire logistics for you, so that you can focus on your core business. We ship your shipments under our own control at all times, so that we can monitor them 24/7. Together with our carefully selected partners worldwide, we assure you of extensive expertise, quality and cost efficiency for all your shipments.

17 October 2022

Who doesn't love trivia facts? Do you already know this one about FORVISION? .. ForVision|Fritom was founded in 2006 and was a subsidiary of TGN|Fritom until 2008 .. ForVision|Fritom is part of the top 30 logistics service providers in the Netherlands. .. ForVision|Fritom is part of the Fritom family and can therefore switch well in multimodal Fritom solutions. We are proud of our beautiful company! Want to know more?

30 September 2022

Fritom subsidiaries support various regional charities and international initiatives on an individual basis. Every year, we choose one collective charity. This year, Marcel Punselie (general director of Forvision|Fritom) was honoured to hand over a cheque for €10,000 to Hans Wijnhoff of the Dierenlot Foundation on behalf of the Fritom Group.

19 September 2022

Recently, we have made a lot of great videos and animations. So you can learn a lot more about our logistics services and our service in a different way! Watch the film about FOR|VISION

12 September 2022

We find the best logistics solutions to almost every other continent. Fast, durable and effective. Thanks to our good contacts and our own offices in Asia, for example, your transport is always in good hands and we can keep a close eye on everything. After arrival in the port of Rotterdam, we can transport your cargo to the final destination with our Fritom sister organizations via various modalities.

24 August 2022

Did you have a nice holiday? Enjoyed family, vacation or relaxing on the terrace or in the garden? Transport always continues, even in the summer! Yet the end of the summer feels like a new beginning. Soon we will be fully into the end of the year crowds again. Think along with us and plan your freight on time! In this way we make it a very nice second half of the year together.

22 July 2022

Forvision|Fritom is the division for air and ocean freight within Fritom. A large part of all sea freight is related to Asia. In order to have a better grip on the local business, Fritom itself has a local presence at several locations. This way we have a good grip on the situation in the middle of the day and in the midst of operations when we are still in the night due to the time difference. Involved, short lines and driven by passion! Would you like more information?

22 July 2022

In addition to good cooperation with your Brazilian producers or buyers, logistics is an important part of your business success. How convenient to leave the transport, documentation and customs clearance to the experts. And of course you can expect it to run smoothly and without unnecessary delays, whether it is an LCL or FCL shipment. More information?

22 July 2022

🚛Sea freight Forvision|Fritom is the specialist in customer-focused and smart logistics solutions. Whether it is an LCL, FCL shipment or the transportation of a 20 ft container, 40 ft or a 40 ft high cube, we are always looking for the best logistics solutions. 🏬Air freight Always under our own supervision. Together with our carefully selected partners, we can monitor your shipment 24/7. Always looking for the most effective and qualitative air freight solution. 💪With you in mind, customer first At FORVISION|Fritom we know each other. Together, we take care of your transport. We know that we need everyone in the supply chain to do this successfully every day. We are therefore proud of our short lines of communication, enthusiastic team and informal service. View all our solutions on:

22 July 2022

Forvision|Fritom offers you access to the entire world. From the Netherlands we know the way throughout Europe. The ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam are responsible for almost half of all sea freight in Europe! And together with our sister companies we have a extensive European network. This enables us a to be the linchpin in the European web for your transport and distribution throughout the whole of Europe. Our success is based on the good connections our warehouses have with all modalities: road transport, train, sea & air freight. Trusted, good service and tailor-made, on the road, by sea and air!

21 June 2022

Are you still sending your shipments from the factory to your headquarters and only then to the final recipient? It can be much more efficient through cross trade. By using cross trade, your shipment is transported directly from the manufacturer to the final recipient, without passing through the retailer