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Why choose for Forvision|Fritom?

Planning on importing and or exporting your goods globally by air or sea freight? Not sure how to go about? Don’t worry we know exactly how to manage your goods carefully.

We are happy to be your reliable and experienced partner in handling all from A to Z whilst updating you every step of the way!


Forvision|Fritom is happy to take over the entire logistics for you, so that you can focus on your core business. We ship your shipments under our own control at all times, so that we can monitor them 24/7. Together with our carefully selected partners worldwide, we assure you of extensive expertise, quality and cost efficiency for all your shipments.

Who doesn't love trivia facts? Do you already know this one about FORVISION? .. ForVision|Fritom was founded in 2006 and was a subsidiary of TGN|Fritom until 2008 .. ForVision|Fritom is part of the top 30 logistics service providers in the Netherlands. .. ForVision|Fritom is part of the Fritom family and can therefore switch well in multimodal Fritom solutions. We are proud of our beautiful company! Want to know more?

Let Forvision|Fritom take care of

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René de Wit
Sales Manager