Transport to, from and within Oceania

‘A land down under’, ‘where women glow and men plunder’, a few lines of the iconic song Down Under of the Australian band Men at Work about Australia. Once you understand the Australian way of life and learn to appreciate it, doing business in Oceania is pure bliss. Feel the same way? We look forward to taking care of your transport to, from and within the continent: Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania or one of the other Oceania islands.

Transport Australia

Sea freight or air freight to or from Australia will be without worry when we take care of it for you. You don’t have to wonder whether to choose the harbor or airport of Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne or Adelaide. Or which route is the best for your freight, depending on its origin, destiny or the nature or volume of your product. Even the rules and regulations of each state are something you don’t have to worry about. We make sure your freight is taken care of and reaches its destination right on time. At a competitive rate of course.

Transport New-Zealand

Auckland and Wellington on the Northern Island and Christchurch on the Southern Island - obvious destinations when it comes down to picking a harbor or airport. That doesn’t mean it’s the best choice, however. Therefore, we always make sure to check alternative routes for your air freight or sea freight to or from New Zealand. Smart logistic solutions for your business is what you can expect from us.

Transport Tasmania

Yes, Tasmania is part of Australia, but topographically and logistically it should be seen as a separate identity aside the mainland. We make sure we find you the cheapest, fastest, most efficient route for your freight to and from the biggest island belonging to Australia and guard and monitor the logistic process of your freight 24/7. Whether it is airfreight or sea freight going from the city of Hobart to the outback our vice versa. Depending on your volume, your freight can hitch a ride on an LCL or FCL basis.

Transport Oceania islands

Let us know the challenges you face regarding the Oceania islands. Based on our extensive knowledge and expertice about airfreight and sea freight we can find you the best logistic solution and prices. Together we’ll find you the perfect combination of costs, speed and reliability. The key elements to help you build a successful sustainable future. While you’re working on growing your business, we’ll take care of your logistic details. Want to know the status of your freight? You will have real-time access regarding your shipment. But feel free to give us a call for the latest update.

Your advantage

At ForvisionlFritom you matter as much as your transport to our specialists. We find direct, personal contact not only important, but crucial when it comes down to doing business with our clients. We know your business success depends on reliable logistics. So, of course you want the best solution to your logistic challenges and want to be kept up-to-date 24/7. Our real-time systems have your back. Our highly trained and involved staff complement our service. Give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you.